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ad 1Asphalt Repair INC. has been repairing destroyed asphalt and concrete for 20 years in Schulenburg TX 78956. While expensive roofing and a well manicured lawn are among the first factors that can influence a home’s appearance, a driveway can make a tremendous impact on it too. If it is spotted with oil spills and the pavement is cracked, your driveway can detract from the looks of your home and landscaping, no matter how much you have put in. From resurfacing your driveway to the extraction of your old driveway and replacing it with a new one, Ashpalt Repair INC. is ready to take on the job. If your driveway has not been replaced or resurfaced in 15 or more years, it is time to consider having the job done.

We have all the equipment to complete any asphalt repair as fast as possible. Our experienced employees make sure the little details that go into a high quality job get taken care of on every job. Concrete and asphalt do not last forever; whether time, water damage or heavy wear and tear has degraded a surface, Asphalt Repair INC. will restore all surfaces. At Asphalt Repair INC., no job is too small and we are happy to make repairs to your existing driveway. Whatever your project, you can count on us to do a professional job at an affordable price in Schulenburg Texas. We always recommend the best solution for your concrete repair or asphalt repair project; but always offer options to match any budget.


So how do you know if your driveway needs repairing?

Asphalt Pavement begins to deteriorate as soon as it is laid down. Fuel and lubricants dissolve it, water softens it and sunlight accelerates oxidation to break down the binder. Unsealed blacktop can lose half its thickness in twenty years.

ad 2Within a year or so, the original black color begins to pale. The binder asphalt begins to lose plasticity. Hairline cracks form. After five years the entire thickness has oxidized and become brittle. The color is light gray. By the eighth year, cracks extend clear through the pavement. Material is loose on the top. The base fails as water soaks through. Within a year or so, areas with alligatoring cracks become potholes. After fifteen years, the entire surface will have broken up. When was the last time that you thought about your asphalt parking lot and its upkeep? This is the same place where you park your car everyday and the entrance to your home or office. It is a known fact that first impressions are lasting and this is true for your clients or friends when they drive into your parking lot. They are either encouraged to come and visit you or turn around and drive away, depending on the look of your surroundings and yes, this includes your parking lot! We will first start with a few statistics of asphalt parking lot upkeep. If your asphalt is sealcoated every three years, it will have an average life span of thirty years! If your asphalt is not sealcoated, it will have an average life span of fifteen years. Sealcoat can be applied for as little as 8 cents per square foot. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that sealcoating your asphalt every three years prevents major repair costs in future years.


To determine if your parking lot needs any repairing, go take a look at it. Here are a few signs to look for:

  • Rough Asphalt: Is the surface of your asphalt not smooth? Can you see the tops of the rock or aggregate showing through? Are pieces of rock coming out of your asphalt? These are all signs that you need to have your parking lot sealed and repaired. Excessively rough areas usually require installing a new asphalt skin patch prior to seal coating so that the seal coat will last when being applied to these areas.
  • Cracked Asphalt: Do you have cracks appearing in your asphalt? These can be caused by either excess water under the parking area or lack of proper seal coat maintenance over the years. These areas can be repaired by either rubber crack filling or removing and replacing them with new asphalt depending on how severe the damage has been. Cracks can also be caused by tree root pressure.
  • Worn Stripes: Is your parking space striping and stenciling looking worn? Are the old lines appearing through your old seal coat? These are signs that it is time to seal coat and re stripe the parking area. Striping is the most noticeable part of the parking lot and it is very important that you have a neatly done job.

As a rule of thumb, make sure that the asphalt contractor dilutes the seal coat with a maximum of 10% water. This way you will get a thicker coat of sealer- and that will last a long time. When your asphalt is severely cracked (alligatored) and needs to be removed and replaced with new asphalt, make sure that the new asphalt is installed to a depth of at least 3 inches. This will usually give you a good solid patch. Remember, first impressions are lasting. People like a clean and well kept parking lot.

When replacing or resurfacing your driveway, your first concern should be to find an experienced quality contractor who is right for the job and will deliver not only on time and on budget, but also give you a driveway that is free of defects and will last forever. Asphalt Repair INC. takes pride in being one of the best concrete contractors Schulenburg TX has. We will begin each project with a detailed proposal written in clear and easy to understand terms. We will never ask for money up front and only bill the customer after the job is complete and the customer is happy with our work.


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